INDHEAL is accredited by NABH

This article is written by Dr Padmakumar on 10 Mar 2020

INDHEAL, the Bangalore based medical travel company, was certified by NABH on April 29,2019. NABH is the primary certification for healthcare companies in India.

INDHEAL has clients all over the world. These are clients who are looking for the best medical treatment in India. As many companies are promoting medical travel, it is hard for people to get the right help.

It is here that certifications like NABH have a value. Such certifications give a feel of comfort and security to the clients that the company they are dealing with can be trusted.

Low medical costs and better access to doctors are the main reasons for people to go to a different country. This travel is known as medical travel. India is one of the leading destinations for medical travel. There are more than 200,000 hospitals and 1,200,000 doctors in India.

With this kind of large numbers, getting access to the right doctors and hospitals can be a challenge. It has led to the growth of medical travel companies. These companies connect people to hospitals and doctors.

However, this growth has also created some problems. Many of these companies or agents do not have proper policies and processes. There is also no governing body to monitor them. These agents have often misled people looking for treatment. 

Some of the common issues faced by patients are

  1. They have no clarity on the cost of treatment
  2. They get a limited choice of hospitals and doctors
  3. Agents do not share enough data about the hospitals
  4. Clients do not have any direct contact with the doctor before they come
  5. Above all, there is a complete lack of trust


In most of these cases listed above, the agents control the costs and hospital selection. These agents even include students and taxi drivers.

All of these have created a need for standards and controls in this area. The objective of NABH here is to ensure patient safety. They have laid out a set of processes and procedures for this. It mainly covers the following points.

  • How do you manage the queries from the patients?
  • How are the patient data protected and secured?
  • Is the working relationship with the hospital formalized?
  • Do you have a well-defined communication plan with the patient?
  • Are the company staff trained in all these?
  • Does the company work on the feedback received from the patients?


Medical travel companies have to cover all these points if they are to meet the criteria. There will be audits by the NABH team, where they will check for documented evidence. Companies will get their certificate only if the audit results are positive.

What is NABH?

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, or NABH, is a part of the Quality Council of India (QCI). NABH defines a set of specifications for a proper health care system. There is a specific focus on patient care and safety. 

NABH is a member of various healthcare quality groups in the world like ISQUA and ASQua.

As of 2020 February, there are about 900 NABH accredited hospitals and about 18 medical travel companies.

Finally, here are some of the benefits in dealing with a NABH certified company

  1. You are dealing with a verified and authentic company 
  2. Their processes and procedures are strong
  3. Staff is well trained and efficient
  4. They take proper care of your data
  5. They will use your feedback to improve the services

This article is written by Dr Padmakumar on 10 Mar 2020

Dr Padmakumar
Dr Padmakumar
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
Dr Padmakumar is a practising dentist with more than 18 years of experience. His core areas of interest are cosmetic dentistry and endodontics
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