Best medical treatment in India

  • India has more than 320,000 people working in the healthcare industry
  • There are 30 JCI accredited and 740 NABH accredited hospitals in India
  • India is one of the top 3 countries in the world for medical travel
  • Many people travel to India for Ayurveda and Yoga treatments also
  • Healthcare sector market size in India is poised to reach 370 Billion USD by 2022

Best medical treatment in India

This article is written by Dr Padmakumar on 28 Feb 2020

Travel to another country for medical treatments is called Medical travel. Medical tourism is another term for this. It came from the thought that people may also go for local tours while traveling for treatment. 

The high cost of treatment, long waiting times, and lack of doctors are some of the main reasons which make people travel abroad. India is one of the leading destinations for medical travel. In India, you will find that the treatment costs are much lower than in other countries. Doctors are highly skilled and experienced here. Many of them were working in the USA, UK, and Europe before they came back. There is no waiting time for treatment in India. All of these make India an ideal choice for you to get the best medical treatment.

Main treatments for which people come to India are 

  • Cancer treatment: There are excellent hospitals for cancer care in India. You can get all the latest treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and immunotherapy.
  • Heart treatment: There are expert doctors for all the major heart surgeries like Heart Bypass, valve replacements. You will also find top doctors for heart procedures in children. 
  • Orthopedic, spine, and brain surgeries: Indian hospitals perform joint replacement surgeries and treatment for sports injuries. They also do operations for brain tumors, spinal deformities, and all kinds of neurosurgeries.
  • Organ Transplants: These include all the major transplant surgeries like Kidney, Liver, Bone marrow, and even Heart and Lung transplants.

What are the factors that influence people to go abroad for treatment?

There are many reasons which make people travel overseas for treatment. These reasons vary for each region. 

  1. Cost of Treatment: Cost is a major factor why people from regions like the United States and Australia prefer India for treatment. 
  2. Skill level of doctors: Many countries in Africa, the Middle East, and CIS lack quality doctors. They travel to other countries because of this reason.
  3. Low waiting time: While treatment is free, people in the UK have to wait for a long time for their treatment. Many prefer to travel and pay for the treatment rather than wait.
  4. Ayurveda and Yoga: Alternative medicines like Ayurveda and Yoga attract many to India especially from Germany and other western European countries

Why is India a destination for medical travel?

More and more people are coming to India for treatment. India has one of the lowest medical treatment charges in the world. It is also because of the government placing limits on pricing. A look at some of the examples below clearly shows the advantage that India offers on cost.

  • An allogenic bone marrow transplantation would cost around 800,000 USD in the United States compared to 30,000 USD in India
  • A kidney transplant would cost upward of 250,000 USD in the USA compared to 15,000 USD in India.
  • Heart bypass surgery would cost around 38,000 AUD (27,000 USD) in Australia, whereas the same procedure would cost between 6,000 – 7,000 USD in India.
  • Knee replacement would cost  25,000 SGD (18,000 USD) in Singapore whereas the same procedure performed by renowned orthopedic surgeons in India would cost between 6,000 USD in India
  • Dental Implants for a single tooth would cost around 1,800 GBP (2,300 USD) in the UK compared to 400 USD in India. 


Some of the other  main reasons are 

  1. Skill level of the doctors: Indian doctors are renowned all over the world for their experience and skill. Many of the top doctors in the US and Europe are of Indian origin. A good number of these doctors have returned to India and now work with the top hospitals here. 
  2. Hospital facilities: Technology has changed the world, and the medical field is no exception. Indian hospitals have the best in class technology and systems, which compares very well with the top hospitals in the world. 
  3. No waiting time: Most of the best hospitals in India have more than 200 beds with full-time support of doctors and nursing staff. It ensures quality and timely attention from doctors. There is almost no waiting time for treatment in India.
  4. Ayurveda and Yoga: These traditional systems are very popular now. They have a lot to offer in many health conditions. Both these systems help to attain and maintain optimal physical and mental health. Many people travel to India to learn more about these systems.
  5. Connectivity: Many cities in India are well connected by air with all the major world cities. There are direct flights from these cities to most of the major cities in the world.
  6. Visa: There is an e-visa program that enables nationals of more than 150 countries to get a visa within 2-3 days. This feature has made it much easier for people to travel to India now.
  7. Cost of living: You can find decent places to stay in India for as little as 1200 USD per day. You will have to meet the doctors before and after hospitalization. So, the low cost of living makes a big difference in the overall cost.
  8. Language: India has a large English speaking population thanks to British rule earlier. It means that all the good hospitals have staff who speak English. You will also find translators for many other languages here.
  9. Culture: India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with an 8000-year-old history. All of the major world religions have followers here. Another attraction is the Indian cuisine which is famous all over the world. You will always find something for your palate. As you may know, India also is a top tourist destination.


Globalization, the internet, and social media have all made the world a smaller and more familiar place now. It has led to more and more people traveling abroad. This effect is also in healthcare, with more people now going outside of their home country. India is well poised to continue as one of the major destinations for medical travel. If you are looking for the best medical treatment for you or your loved ones, look no further.

This article is written by Dr Padmakumar on 28 Feb 2020

Dr Padmakumar
Dr Padmakumar
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
Dr Padmakumar is a practising dentist with more than 18 years of experience. His core areas of interest are cosmetic dentistry and endodontics

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