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India is a top global destination for medical travel. There were approximately 250,000 people who travelled to India for medical treatment in 2015. This number is increasing every year and more than 500,000 people expected to travel annually by 2020.

The growing demand in this sector brings about the need for easy access to medical facilities and hospitals in India. INDHEAL is a one stop online medical travel platform for facilitating medical travel to India. We cater to all aspects of medical travel like co-ordination with hospitals for getting the right treatment plans, help for getting medical visas, arrange local travel and accommodation in India etc. We also arrange remote discussions with the doctors prior and post treatment in India. Stay options are important as some treatments require consultations and followups with doctors both prior and post hospitalisation.



Medical Travel India

One of the main concerns for people travelling for medical treatment is about the quality and service in the hospitals. International accreditations like JCI accreditation and NABH accreditation mandate that the accredited hospitals adhere to global standards and procedures.

INDHEAL has taken a conscious decision to partner primarily with JCI and NABH accredited hospitals in India. Our platform also has reputed and authentic Ayurvedic hospitals in India especially from Kerala. Kerala Ayurveda is famous for its long tradition and the high skill level of Ayurveda doctors there. In addition to the hospital network, we also have partnerships with leading hotels, service apartments and travel companies. This helps us in providing the best possible accommodation options and local travel arrangements.

Principles and Values of INDHEAL

Quality healthcare is about instilling trust in people, transparency in all interactions and having efficient and easy access to health care services. We understand this, and this our core philosophy is thus built on three fundamental tenets – Trust, Transparency and Simplicity.

Trust in all relations






Transparency in all interactions

Simple and efficient process






Trust is the cornerstone of all successful relationship and is especially important in healthcare. We will always stand by you and we will always suggest the best possible medical treatments from India. We will also ensure that sharing of your personal data including any medical reports is only with your consent.

Transparency builds trust and is a key element in medical situations. INDHEAL is committed to building trust and adheres to complete transparency in all its communications. You will have all the treatment choices with doctor opinions based on your request. Also, you will make all the payments directly, whether it is in hospitals or hotels.

Simple and Efficient working model is vital when  dealing with international customers. We fully understand your difficulty in dealing with requirements  and details related to treatment plan, visa, travel etc. Our team is glad to assist you in all such requirements and keep it as simple as possible for you and your family/friends.

INDHEAL Communication Channels

We pride on providing fast and reliable responses to all requests that come to us. You can reach us anytime via email, call or chat. Our customer relationship team is always ready to assist you on all your requirements.

Please send an email or  call us at

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Our registered office address:

INDHEAL Solutions Private Limited, #558, Pragathy Layout, Doddanakundi Main Road, Bangalore – 560037, Karnataka, India.

We are always eager to improve and so we value your feedback and views on anything about INDHEAL and/or medical travel to India. Therefore, we request you please send an email to feedback@indheal.com  with your suggestions.