Busting 6 myths About Breast Cancer

Myth 1:

Deodorant causes breast cancer

There is no scientific connection between using a deodorant and getting breast cancer. Sure, there were some reports which stated that chemicals in deodorants can enter our body and cause changes in the breast cells, which in turn can cause cancer, but there has been no research to date which supported this theory.

Myth 2:

Men do not get breast cancer

The truth couldn’t be farther away from this. Men also have breast tissue; hence they also get breast cancer. However, the incidence rate is very low. Only 1% of breast cancer cases develop in men.

Myth 3:

Breast cancer is for older women

The fact is all women are at risk of getting breast cancer. Although young women are not at a high risk, but they can get breast cancer, nevertheless. As age increases the risk of breast cancer increases.

Myth 4:

Wearing an underwire bra can cause breast cancer

The truth is, other than causing some amount discomfort, underwire bras do not cause any other issue – definitely not breast cancer! The type of bra women wear has got nothing to do with causing breast cancer.

Myth 5:

Breast cancer is a death sentence

When detected early, the survival rate of breast cancer is very high, in fact close to 100%! If the cancer has reached the later stages, then the survival rate drops down to 24%. Hence, early detection of breast cancer and regular screening is the key to beating breast cancer.

Myth 6:

There is nothing we can do to lower our risk of breast cancer

Lifestyle and environmental factors increase our risk of getting breast cancer. Hence the risks can be significantly lowered by making certain changes such as quitting smoking/alcohol, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight always, switching to a healthy diet and ditching junk food.