What are the First Signs of Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is hard to detect due to its asymptomatic and invisible nature until it reaches advanced stages. Sometimes, one may notice small shifts in their body but do not realize that it may be an onset of lung cancer. Lung cancer specialists suggest that the best way to fight lung cancer is by early diagnosis. Lung cancer, when diagnosed at an advanced stage, is either hard to treat or untreatable altogether.

That being said, here are some early signs to look out for if you are worried about developing lung cancer or concerned about someone you love.

  • An incessant Cough

A cough associated with respiratory conditions or cold usually subsides in a week or two. However, a persistent cough that stays longer than that can be a sign of lung cancer. Don’t write off an incessant cough as an after effect of flu. You must visit your doctor right away and get yourself diagnosed.

  • Change in Breathing

If you notice yourself gasping for breath with the slightest activity, then this could be a symptom of lung cancer. Change in breathing patterns usually occur when the lung cancer narrows an airway or blocks it due to fluid buildup from the lung tumor. Don’t ignore shortness of breath caused after performing regular tasks.

  • Chest Pains

It is common for victims of lung cancer to feel pain in their chest, shoulder, or back. Don’t overlook any form of chest pain, be it consistent or sporadic. You should also note if the pain is confined to a certain area or spreads throughout your chest.

  • Wheezing

Lung cancer can constrict or block the airways that produce a whistling sound when you breathe. Wheezing is often caused due to multiple reasons that are usually treatable or harmless. However, it is also a symptom of lung cancer that can only be detected by a doctor. It can be lethal to assume that your wheezing is caused due to allergies. If the wheezing is persistent, let your doctor examine it to confirm the cause.

  • Weight Loss

If you experience inexplicable weight loss, it may be associated with lung cancer or any other form of the fatal disease. It is common for the body to drop weight with the development of cancer as the cancerous cells require energy for their proliferation. Experts recommend that do not overlook a change in your weight, especially if you are not making any conscious effort to shed the pounds as this might be an indication of some serious health condition.

Lung cancer is a serious disease that needs to be detected in time to be treated. Neglecting these early signs can prove to be fatal, especially if you have a lifestyle that can lead up to this disease.

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