How we work

  • Step 1- You select hospital/s for your treatment– Firstly, it all starts with your requirement for finding a treatment.
  • Simply type for your treatment in the search bar and click Search
  • A list of hospitals providing that treatment will be listed
  • Then, click ‘Details‘ button for a hospital to see more details about the hospitals and treatment
  • Finally, Select the hospital you prefer and click ‘Request treatment plan
  •  Step 2- You upload/send medical history/reports – These are important for doctor to evaluate the case
  • Upload medical reports and enter detailed requirements/medical history here
  • Do provide your mobile number also for faster and easier interaction
  • Refer the checklist for the treatment and ensure that maximum details are provided
  • Step 3- We send you doctor’s opinion, cost & time  – Within 48 hours , however in most cases we send it within 24 hours.
  • We will work with the hospital/s and provide a detailed treatment plan
  • Treatment plan will include doctor opinion, treatment cost and duration
  • Step 4- We give you best options for travel/stay– through our partnerships with leading hotels and apartments.
  • Stay outside the hospital is required for consultations and checkups
  • This will be required during both pre and post hospitalization
  • We will provide handpicked options for stay near the hospital
  • Options include hotels and service apartments with kitchen
  • INDHEAL customers will get the best rates from hotels
  • Step 5- You confirm on hospital & treatment plan– which is an important step in the whole process
  • Evaluate the treatment plan in detail
  • Clarify all doubts and questions
  • Discuss with doctor regarding the case
  •  Confirm on the treatment and hospital
  • Step 6- Travel, pay &start treatment at hospital–  Finally, you will need to travel and take the treatment in India.
  • We will help you with medical visa process
  • You book tickets, travel and confirm stay option
  • You make all payments directly at the hospital

INDHEAL team will be with you throughout the whole process. You can always reach us at  or through phone or chat.







A short video explaining the whole process…