New Device Helps Doctors Diagnose Lung Cancer with Minimally Invasive Procedure

Lung cancer is the one of the most common type of cancer detected across the world. Each year, this disease is responsible for the death of over 1.7 million patients. According to a recent study, about 234,030 new cases of lung cancer will be diagnosed in 2018.Lung cancer survival rates soar when the condition is detected in its early stages. When detected in stage 4, survival rates are only about 1-2% but when detected in stage 1, the survival rate for 5 years is about 49%.

The trouble with diagnosing lung cancer in its early stages is that it rarely causes visible symptoms. The signs of lung cancer such as a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches etc., can be easily misunderstood as signs of the flu. Typically, a tissue biopsy is needed to diagnose lung cancer. This requires a minor surgery. However, a new device has been developed that can help diagnose lung cancer through a non-invasive technique.

The Monarch – Lung Cancer diagnosis device

The monarch is a new medical device that can help diagnose lung cancer in the early stages. This was developed by the Director of Bronchoscopy at the University of Chicago Medicine and Associate Professor of Medicine, Dr.Kyle Hogarth, MD, FCCP.

This system involves inserting a robotic bronchoscope into the patient’s mouth and securing it to the lungs. The doctor can then insert catheters into the airways through the scope with the help of a hand-held control. The flexibility of the device allows doctors to reach new parts of the lungs. Attaching a camera to the device also lets doctors see all parts of the lungs on a touchscreen. When the device reaches a part of the lung that seems to have a tumor, a needle in the device can extract a small tissue sample. This sample may be later used for a biopsy.

The Monarch was cleared by the FDA atthe beginning of 2018 and is already in use in some of the major healthcare centersacross the world.

Who can Benefit from the Monarch?

Though smoking and exposure to toxic fumes doincrease the risk of lung cancer, this type of lung cancer can affect non-smokers as well. In many cases, lung cancer can affect people who have no typical cancer risks. In such cases, developments like the Monarch are crucial to an early diagnosis.

It may also be used to detect other conditions in the gasterologicaland urological systems.

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