Travelling to a different country is always a challenge even in the best of times.  It becomes even more difficult when the travel is for taking medical treatments. It is advisable to work with trusted partners who can assist you in all the processes related to travel and  treatment. INDHEAL is one of the leading online medical travel companies in India which provides end to end assistance to people looking for medical treatment in India. 


The main advantages of going through INDHEAL are 


1. Access to best medical treatments in India

A large number of JCI certified hospitals

Hospitals across all major Indian cities


2. Dedicated INDHEAL customer support team
  • Team is available on phone/chat/email
  • Treatment and travel planning support
3. Remote discussion with the doctors in India
  • Discuss the case with the doctor over the phone
  • Video(Skype) discussion in some cases
4.  Option of Ayurvedic treatment in India (Kerala)
5. Best options & rates for the hotel stay
  • Partnership with leading hotels and apartment chains
  • Handpicked stay options located near the hospitals
6. Happy customer reference cases