INDHEAL Consulting Services offer healthcare marketing services to healthcare organisations. These include multispecialty hospitals, Ayurveda hospitals and clinics, Diagnostic labs, Dental clinics etc.

Our Expertise

Global reach for our online platforms

Handled enquiries from 100+ countries
Received patients from 30+ countries

Strong presence in healthcare ecosystem

Access to top doctors in India across departments
Partnership with all leading hospitals in India

Excellent connects in IT and marketing space

Software & management of chats/Whatsapp/Calls…
Branding and advertisement companies

Process Expertise

NABH accredited healthcare facilitator
Robust customer interaction process

IT - Web and mobile applications

Scalable & responsive healthcare applications, Robust CRM toolset to handle patient enquiries, E-commerce platform for medicine delivery

Our Services

Strategy and Implementation

Identify Unique Selling Points (USP)
Develop and implement detailed marketing strategy

Staffing and Technical Support *

Staff (doctors, therapists) selection, onboarding and training
Technical support – SOPs for treatments, operations

Healthcare services marketing

Traditional marketing (Affiliate programs, partnerships …)
Package formation and promotion

Digital Marketing

Creatives for media ads, digital promotion
Digital marketing – Social media management

IT Support

Website assessment and redesign
Online doctor consultation booking engine
CRM dashboard, E-commerce platform*

Lead Management

Lead generation
Clinical communication management
Chat/Call management

* Only for Ayurveda

Some of our Clients

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