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Infertility Ayurveda treatment at Rajah Ayurveda, Calicut

  • Hospital Image Calicut Perumanoor, Chalissery,Palakkad Dist. Kerala, Kerala
  • Nearest Airport Calicut ( 75 km), 2 Hours

Rajah Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala comprises of three Ayurvedic centers focussing on classical Ayurveda treatment for chronic ailments and rejuvenation therapies. Rajah Healthy acres, established in 1996, is situated in a 200-acre rubber plantation, Rajah Island, established in 2001, is a 20 acre complex on the famed backwaters of Kerala and Rajah Beach, established in 2008, is situated by the seaside.

Infertility Ayurveda Treatment at Rajah Ayurveda - Highlights

  • Herbal medication for correcting the hormonal balance
  • Induced purging, vomiting, sweating and medicated enema
  • Rejuvenation therapies for body and mind
  • Doctors in Rajah Ayurveda would prescribe a customised treatment plan based on patient condition, body type and constitution. Treatments are integrated into a consistent daily schedule with yoga sessions and customised diet.
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