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Best Medical Treatments in India

    • Abdominoplasty
      This is a cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure done to remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area.
      Department Cosmetic Surgery
      Time In Hospital: 1 day
      Time in India: 4 - 6 days
      Treatment cost: 7,852 USD
      5 hospitals for Abdominoplasty treatment in India
    • ACL Surgery
      Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) connects the thigh bone (Femur) and the shin bone (Tibia). ACL can be torn during sports activities and ACL injuries are the most common among sports injuries. Surgery may be required to reconstruct the ACL
      Department Orthopedics
      Time In Hospital: 2 - 4 days
      Time in India: 6 - 9 days
      Treatment cost: 2,416 - 6,040 USD
      12 hospitals for ACL Surgery treatment in India
    • Acoustic neuroma
      Acoustic neuroma is a noncancerous growth in the eighth cranial nerve, the nerve that connects ear to the brain. If not treated in time, it can lead to facial paralysis
      Department Oncology
    • ADHD Ayurveda
      ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic condition which typically begins in childhood, but can also occur in adults. There are effective treatments in India, especially in cases which are detected and treated early.
      Department Neurology
      Time In Hospital: 21 - 28 days
      Time in India: 22 - 29 days
      Treatment cost: 1,110 - 2,537 USD
      3 hospitals for ADHD Ayurveda treatment in India
    • Adrenalectomy
      Adrenalectomy is a surgical process that removes one or both of the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are located above the kidneys on each side. The procedure is typically performed on patients who have tumors of the adrenal glands
      Department Urology
      Time In Hospital: 3 - 5 days
      Time in India: 15 days
      Treatment cost: 4,908 - 7,852 USD
      4 hospitals for Adrenalectomy treatment in India
    • Alcohol Deaddiction Ayurveda
      Ayurveda care for Alcohol Deaddiction is based on relaxation, rejuvenation and body cleansing therapies
      Department General
      Time In Hospital: 28 - 35 days
      Time in India: 29 - 36 days
      Treatment cost: 1,480 - 2,537 USD
      1 hospital for Alcohol Deaddiction Ayurveda treatment in India
    • Allergies Ayurveda
      Ayurveda views Allergies as a digestive disorder (reason for initial symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea) which results in hypersensitivity to certain substances. Undigested toxic materials within the body gets deposited in lungs and respiratory channels causing breathlessness, coughing, sneezing etc.
      Department General
      Time In Hospital: 14 - 21 days
      Time in India: 15 - 22 days
      Treatment cost: 740 - 1,903 USD
      6 hospitals for Allergies Ayurveda treatment in India
    • Alopecia Ayurveda
      It is caused by body's immune system mistakenly destroying hair follicles, which is where the hair growth begins. Ayurveda treatments are available which has a high success/satisfaction rates amongst the patients
      Department Dermatology
      Time In Hospital: 14 - 21 days
      Time in India: 15 - 22 days
      Treatment cost: 740 - 1,903 USD
      2 hospitals for Alopecia Ayurveda treatment in India
    • Alzheimers disease Ayurveda
      Ayurveda views Alzheimer's disease as being caused due to the imbalance of vata dosha (which governs the flow and motion in the body). While there is no permanent cure for Alzheimer's in any mode of treatment, Ayurveda does offer treatments which have been successful in arresting the progress of the disease.
      Department Neurology
      Time In Hospital: 21 - 28 days
      Time in India: 22 - 29 days
      Treatment cost: 1,110 - 2,537 USD
      2 hospitals for Alzheimers disease Ayurveda treatment in India
    • Aneurysm repair
      An abdominal aortic aneurysm causes the aorta in the abdominal area to be enlarged and may cause rupturing of the aorta wall. Anuerysm repair surgeries would be required in most cases
      Department Cardiology
      Time In Hospital: 10 - 15 days
      Time in India: 20 - 30 days
      Treatment cost: 16,859 USD
      17 hospitals for Aneurysm repair treatment in India