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All about Alcohol Deaddiction Ayurveda

Drinking alcohol is very popular among a large number of people in the world. They do it for socializing, partying, and at times for stress relief. When used occasionally and within limits, alcohol is not very harmful to the body and mind. But you can easily overstep the limits and drink more than is right for you. If you do this regularly, you have an alcohol abuse problem. If you can cut down on your drinking at this point and keep off or limit the number of days and drinks, you can handle it by yourself.

If you do no do this, you will slowly get dependent on alcohol to live. It can cause harm to different organs of your body.

The more you get dependent on alcohol, the more you tend to drink. You may drink during all times of the day and may not realize how much you are drinking. You get addicted to alcohol so much that you cannot go on with your life without it. 

Alcohol addiction can affect your work and family, among various other things. It can also cause harm to different organs of your body. You will lose the focus of your life and start caring only about drinks. 

The advice of family or friends to help with your drinking problem will stop affecting you. Importantly, you will also be not able to help yourself out of it. It is because alcoholism is a disease than a habit. The only way out for you is an alcohol deaddiction treatment. It helps you to get over the problem through various therapies.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, has therapies that help you to get rid of the problem. It treats your body and the mind as a whole. Treatments aim to get rid of toxins in your body and make it healthy. It also energizes your mind and makes you more focussed on your life.

Signs and symptoms of alcoholism

After drinking, you may feel a lot of effects. You may feel light-headed, dizzy, sleepy, etc. Also, you may feel happy or sad, angry or relaxed, or any heady mix of emotions. These usually last for only a short time, and you will come back to your usual self.

But the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse are somewhat different. These signs point to the way the use of alcohol affects your day to day life.  

Some of the common signs and symptoms include

  • An urge to have more and more drinks
  • Having to drink more than before to feel high
  • Shirking your duties at home and office due to the habit
  • You want to cut down but cannot
  • Not being able to stop once you start
  • Having a feeling that you need to drink to smoothen your nerves
  • Planning your social life around drinks
  • Telling lies about your problem to your near ones when they advise you


If you have an addition to alcohol, you may be unable to detect these signs and symptoms by yourself. Also, alcohol causes a lot of damage to your body. You will have

  • Liver problems
  • Stomach problems
  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of analytical skills

Why do you need a deaddiction treatment?

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a disease than a habit. It affects some of the nerve cells in your brain, making you crave for more alcohol. As time passes, the cells want more alcohol. It is the reason why to tend to drink more and more after some time. It is also the reason why you cannot stop drinking too much, even when you want. Also, your body will need alcohol to steady it.

You will need treatment to get over your problem. Your doctors will consider you a patient and treat you according to your condition. You will have drugs to stabilize your brain and make you slowly get out of the habit. Also, you will have counseling sessions and other supportive treatments to help you cope mentally.

Ayurveda and alcoholism

According to Ayurveda, alcohol is a toxin that harms your body. Use of it can cause illusion, sadness, despair, anger, etc. as well as multiple diseases in the body.

Your body needs positive energy or Ojas to function. Drinking affects your energy levels and numbs your senses. It will also reduce your body immunity. It will change the way you behave and make you feel dizzy. So, Ayurveda says that it is best to avoid alcohol.

According to Ayurveda, alcoholism, or madhyasakthi, affects the constitution of your body. The three doshas, namely the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, that control your body's functions, get out of balance due to it. It makes you sick physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Treatments aim to set right the balance of the doshas and make you healthy in body and mind.

Ayurvedic deaddiction treatments

Before treatment, your doctor will examine you in detail. The doctor will also try to find the reason for your habit. The treatments will depend on your condition and body nature.

Ayurveda drug therapy- You will have various ayurvedic medications to set right the balance of the doshas. Some of the medicines are to protect the functions and structure of the liver. These will be in the form of tablets, syrups, powders, oils, etc. You will have these through your mouth or your nose. 

Abhyanga- You will have massages all over your body during this using medicated oils. It also improves the blood circulation and tones up your body. It has a refreshing effect on your body and mind.

Swedana- It aims to remove the toxins in the body by making you sweat. You will have hot fomentation with the help of medicinal poultice. As you sweat, the toxins in your body move out of it. It makes you feel fresh and healthy.

Lepanam- The doctor will apply medicinal pastes on your body. It improves the blood flow and helps to give energy to the nerves in the body.

Njavara kizhi- In this treatment, you will have massages with the help of a bolus of rice, wrapped around a piece of cloth. The masseurs will dip these blouses in medicated oils from time to time. It helps to nourish your body and to improve the blood flow and nerve signals. Your body will feel very relaxed, and your mind will feel refreshed.

Shirodhara – This is a treatment to calm the withdrawal symptoms and to soothe the mind. Warm medicated oil is poured as a thin stream on the forehead with an oscillation movement.

Nasyam-During this, you will have medicines as drops through your nose. It helps to improve the functions of your brain, among other things.

Vasti- It is a form of an enema, that helps to clear your digestive system. You will have it to remove the toxins in your body and make your doshas in balance.

Virechanam – Medically inducing mild purgations to detoxify the body.

Diet changes: Your doctor will design a nutritious diet that improves your body's positive energy. You will not have anything that will make you feel dull or lethargic.

Achara Rasayanam – This term indicates the right and healthy activities a patient has to follow. Abstinence from alcohol, regular exercise, practicing yoga, attending discourses, etc. will be part of the Achara Rasayanam for the addicted patient.  

All these treatments help to rejuvenate your body and mind. You will stop depending on alcohol, and your life will become as fruitful as before.

Along with these treatments, you sill have yoga and meditation sessions that help you connect better to the inner self. It will make you more spiritual, self-content, and happy. You will slowly realize that the so-called happiness that you got from alcohol was not worth it, and you have better things to do in life.

Ayurvedic treatment for alcohol deaddiction
Ayurvedic treatment for alcohol deaddiction

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This article has been reviewed by Dr. Madhavachandran for authenticity and medical correctness on 27 Jun 2020
Dr. Madhavachandran
Dr. Madhavachandran
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