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Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation at Nagarjuna Ayurveda

Mr Hendrik from Botswana had severe issues with his spine after a major accident few years back. He was looking for the best Ayurvedic treatment in India for spinal issues. He came to Nagarjuna Ayurveda through INDHEAL. Hendrik was delighted after a 21 day treatment at the center and had the following words to say after his treatment.
"I have been here at Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Hospital for 21 days. Throughout these days my experience was very fine especially in terms of the hospitality, the doctors, the kitchen, the hygiene and all was very perfect. Honestly, when I get back home I will recommend this facility to my friends and family.
INDHEAL team helped me throughout the whole journey- right from arranging the treatment at Nagarjuna, helping me with medical visa and even arranging a tour for me after the treatment. INDHEAL team was very responsive, they were in touch with me before I came to India and they made my trip possible and safe in every way. Such was their involvement that I even felt that INDHEAL and Nagarjuna were the same company! Quite impressed about INDHEAL team's involvement, dedication and commitment and I give them a A+ for their support. I would be strongly recommending both Nagarjuna Hospital & INDHEAL back home"

Hendrik T, botswana

Back pain Ayurvedic treatment at Vaidyaratnam

Mr Sankar Narayan, an Indian national is an amateur cricket player and was suffering from severe back pain for more than 1 year and was looking for the right Ayurvedic treatment for back pain. He contacted INDHEAL and was put through to Vaidyaratnam hospital. He found the treatment highly effective. His words are as below…

"I was looking for an Ayurvedic treatment for my lower back pain. This was when I came to know about INDHEAL. I contacted them and they got me booked at Vaidyaratnam Hospital for treatment. I found the hospital, treatment, doctors and facilities there were absolutely brilliant! I feel much better after the treatment and want to thank Vaidyaratnam hospital and INDHEAL for this. INDHEAL team even arranged for a pickup and drop for me!"

Sankar N, india